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After sales service

The After Sales Department with 90% of customers’ satisfaction is a shining piece in our hall of glories. Hiva Sanat’s exclusive customers are subject to gold and silver services according to their previous purchase orders, which allows them to use the following services for free. In addition, it is possible for general customers to consider the mentioned services according to the contract. In addition to purchasing a variety of air conditioners and facilities such as rooftop packages,
air-cooled chillers, mini chillers and ducted splits, Hiva Sanat’s customers also receive advice from Hiva Sanat experts. They can also benefit from Hiva Sanat’s after-sales service.

• Free monitoring of equipment unloading and storage
• Troubleshooting equipment within 24 hours in Tehran and 48 hours in other cities
• Free experts’ supervision and repair or replacement of non-warranty parts
• Free periodic monitoring on equipment maintenance
• Six months of free device maintenance
• Free operator and maintenance training for customers’ personnel at the site
• Having active after sales service agencies across the country

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